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M. Sc. Sercan Atesoglu
Founder Kinemo
Former Research Associate
Tel.: +49 (0)1520/5765010
e-Mail: sercan.atesoglu(at)kinemo.de




Main fields of research

Sercan Atesoglu worked as a research associate at the Institute for Security Systems from January 2021 until end of August 2022 in the transfer project „Röntgenvideoanalyse“ (X-Ray Video Analysis). He was mainly responsible for application oriented aspects of research and for the validation of the new proceedings.

Scientific career

After graduating from highschool, Sercan Atesoglu studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wuppertal and graduated in June 2017 as M. Sc. He wrote his master thesis at the ISS entitled „Examination to Analyse Motion Sequences with digital X-Ray Image Acquisition“.

After graduation, Sercan Atesoglu worked  as a calculation and simulation engineer at WITTE Automotive in Velbert. With beginning of the year 2021, Sercan Atesoglu started working as a research associate in the project RVA, funded by means of the EU and the state NRW financed by EFRE.NRW.


Institute for security systems

University of Wuppertal
Institute for security systems (ISS)
Talstr. 71
42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051/93322-0
Q: +49 (0)2051/93322-29