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Laboratory Service

Security, reliability and energy efficiency of components and systems are central and core elements of the ISS' laboratory services.

Security | The application of innovative technologies like i.e. wireless communication implies new and unknown security risks concerning for example the circumvention and authentication of security relevant components.

The utilization of x-ray tomography allows the analysis of RFID-based security systems and - among others - approaches for counterfeit checking of components may be developed.

Reliability | High quality standards are set for security relevant mechatronic systems (especially for the actuation of security systems) concerning their reliability. Researchers of the ISS investigate the lifetime of these systems and their actuation under varying climatic conditions. In order to systematically analyse their reliability dynamometers are being developed, constructed and applied.

Energy Efficiency | Battery-powered security systems which are used i.e. in hotel doors or offices are limited in their entire operating time due to their battery capacities. Energy efficient components reduce the frequency of maintenance intervals significantly.

In our institute, security systems are tested and optimized with regard to energy efficiency. New concepts in the field of energy harvesting are being developed that make power-autonomous systems feasible.

Usability | A vital aspect of developing and operating security systems is testing their usability, acceptance and operating convenience. The institute is equiped with a usability laboratory that can also be used outside the institute.


Details in: SRE-analysis     tomography    laboratory equipment


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