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Options for research and funding

Research at the Institute for Security Systems bundles the research and development resources of all participants. In application-orientated project partnerships, research consortiums and networking projects between the ISS, further research institutions and companies, innovative products, processes or services are redeveloped or enhanced.

Those research and development partnerships can profit from synergies and competitive advantages by creating unique technical solutions.

The following loan programs for R&D-projects can be recommended:

Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)
Allianz Industrie Forschung (AIF)
Forschungsprogramm für die zivile Sicherheit (BMBF)


Institute for security systems

University of Wuppertal
Institute for security systems (ISS)
Talstr. 71
42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051/93322-0
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