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Research associate as doctoral candidate (Researcher with interest in industrial career)

The Institute for Security Systems - ISS - as a part of the University of Wuppertal concentrates on basic technical and social issues in order to protect people and infrastructures. As a scientific think tank active in the field of security systems, the institute operates theory- and model-oriented and delivers an important contribution to international research. With its methods' and systems' expertise, the ISS contributes to implementing technology into industry-specific fields of application.

Main fields of research are: scientific assessment of security systems, secure authentication, object security and innovative mechatronics research.

WITTE Automotive - Since 1899 WITTE Automotive is working as a company looking for creative and innovative solutions in the field of locking systems in the automotive industry. Today, WITTE automotive is one of the leading automotive suppliers acting worldwide. Well-known car brands nowadays use WITTE products like locks, door hinges, lock sets and handle systems.

We are looking for researchers that are interested to make an innovative career in research and industry

in order to build up know how in the future field "mobile access" and to support an extremely expanding business divsion.

We offer you the possibility to actively participate in challenging reasearch and development projects at university level as well as the industrial sector.

The possibility to graduate (Ph.D.) is included.

We are looking for a personality that

  • has a superior university agree (Master / equivalent to Master)
  • as an engineering graduate (electronics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, with possible focus on IT-security)
  • is fluent in English and German language
  • has experience in security assessment / risk analysis, cryptography, RFID
  • is interested in presentations / scientific publications
  • is experienced in empirical research methods and implementing them

Please direct your application (including your certificates, references and motivation letter) towards

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-D. Wolf
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
ISS - Institut für Sicherungssysteme
Talstr. 71
D-42551 Velbert or



Institute for security systems

University of Wuppertal
Institute for security systems (ISS)
Talstr. 71
42551 Velbert

T: +49 (0)2051/93322-0
Q: +49 (0)2051/93322-29