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Damping of vibrations of circular saw blades with shape memory-based damping elements

Contact: Benjamin Dymel

The cooperative project between the Institut für Sicherungssysteme (ISS) and the Forschungsgemeinschat Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe e.V. (FGW) focused on research on damping properties of shape memory alloys and the development of shape memory-based damping elements for circular saws and circular saw blades. It was funded by the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF).

Vibration of the circular saw blade has significant impact on the processing result and the noise emissions occurring in the process. Relevant sources for vibrations are for example impulses originating from the saw teeth entering the work piece, wobbling of the saw blade or transmitted vibrations of the drive unit.

An approach to dampen vibrations of mechanical structures passively is the use of shape memory alloys in damping elements. These alloys are capable of converting large amounts of mechanical energy into heat energy based on a stress-induced austenite-martensite phase transformation. Therefore, shape memory alloys provide the potential to dampen vibrations occurring in the cutting process with compact damping elements effectively. Thus, there is a necessity to examine the applicability of shape memory alloys and its damping effects in circular saws and to develop an appropriate damping solution with shape memory-based damping elements.

The objective of this research project was the development of a shape memory-based damping system with the capability to be adapted to process specific vibrations in circular saws. Especially, integration of the damping system into the saw blade as well as integration into the tool flange were developed and examined as part of the research project. Additional endurance testing and effect degeneration tests were conducted as a base for optimization.

Project realization: 2014

Co-operation partners:


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