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EAS - Development of an innovative drive concept for an electronic security system

Contact: Daniel Lichte

The Institut für Sicherungssysteme, the Chair of Engineering Design of the BUW and the Schulte Schlagbaum AG (SAG) cooperated in this BMWi ZIM funded development project. Project goal was the development of a lock integrated security system with automatic coupling.

Security systems with automated closing and locking devices have a wide range of applications and other use in government agencies, cooperation or complex hotel and leisure facilities. The automatic opening and locking function is currently realized by a transmission that translates available actuator power into a form required for the closing movement. A coupling connects the drive components with the locking mechanic. In daily practice, these systems repeatedly show significant problems due to the failure of the integrated drives.

In addition to this, the design of security systems increasingly demands for components which are not visible to the user. For this reason, integration into the restricted build space of the lock box inside the door is useful.

Because of the integration of the lock box in the door only small installation space is available for the components of the automated locking and closing functions. Therefore a novel approach based on shape memory alloy actuator concept was developed by the ISS. In addition to the restriction of the installation space there are particularly high requirements on energy efficiency and reliability of the drive concept to avoid known problems from daily practice.

End of Project: 2015

Co-operation partners:



Institute for security systems

University of Wuppertal
Institute for security systems (ISS)
Talstr. 71
42551 Velbert

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