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Scientific evaluation of security systems

The comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of security systems represents for manufacturers as well as for users a challenge that is hitherto not sufficiently satisfactorily met outside the standard work. Outside national standards that are developed by the testing institute for locks and fittings in Velbert (among others) there is currently no possibility to evaluate and examine these systems on a theoretically sound basis.

Particularly with regard to the enhanced application of mechatronic systems equipped with a variety of electronic components, a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of existing security systems becomes more and more important. Security systems whose authentication processes are based on biometric technologies or wireless connections make use of IT engineering that has to be considered separately.

Project purpose is to create an evaluation model for security systems based on methods from statistics and reliability in order to jointly assess the individual components of a mechatronic security system. Methods to dertermine complex discrete event systems, i.e.  "Markov processes",  are modeled as a basis for the evaluation.

The different systems which are based on the factors property, knowledge and biometric feature are analyzed and evaluated with respect to their influence on authentication security. The relevant factors and their importance should be made detectable in a mathematical model, which finally allows the evaluation.

Subsequent steps represent the impact analysis of the above mentioned technological parameters with respect to their relevance and as part of the mathematical model.


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