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Research - to shape the future

Being a sponsoring member of the ISS implies not only to get involved into developing and optimizing research effectiveness in the field of future security technologies. As a sponsoring member you will be part of a learning company network which bundles knowledge acquisition, technology transfer and resources of research and development of all parties concerned.

Furthermore you may benefit from various workshops which contain presentations from experts of the institute and you will get qualified feedback on designing of R & D processes as well as significant innovation and invention impulses from the interdisciplinary research area of security technology (SiTec). Needless to say that you may also cooperate on a bilateral basis with the institute in order to find solutions for company-specific matters in the field of research and development.

Conclusion: As a sponsoring member of the company, you are welcome to participate in application-oriented cooperation and networking projects of the ISS and further research partners in order to develop innovative products, processes and services.

You can take advantage of synergies in research and development partnerships and come to unique solutions which will lead to competitive advantages for your business. An overview of possible funding models for projects in the field of research and development you may find here.


Institute for security systems

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Institute for security systems (ISS)
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