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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Can a mobile function as key? Near Field Communication (NFC) is an international standard for transferring wireless data at distances up to10cm with a speed of 424 kbit/sec. So far, this technique is beeing used in cashless systems for small amounts of money but could also work in mobiles to transfer access-data to doors of buildungs or cars.

But how safe are those solutions? The secure use of NFC is analyzed at the ISS.

A first insight into this topic:


NFC World

NFC Forum

Blogs und Wikis

Secupedia platform for security information

NFC rumors

The secure element

NFC expert

Background and papers of discussion

Near Field Communication, Roy Want, research scientist Google, 2011

Business models for NFC payments, Mobey Forum, 2011

Requirements for NFC Mobile: Multiple Secure Elements, Global Platform, 2010

NFC Mobile: Secure Element Management, Messaging, GlobalPlatform, 2009

Grundlagen NFC, NFC Forum 2007

Organisations dealing with the topic Security and It

Institute for Security and Open Methodologies

Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik


Chaos Computer Club

Further technologies and standards

GlobalPlatform - specifications and standards

European Telecommunications Standards Institute - IKT-standards

GSMA - GSM-standards

Smart Card Alliance - Smard Card

Mobey Forum - Standards of mobile financial services

Open Mobile Alliance - Standards of mobile and wireless services

NIST Computer Security Division - PIV-standards and documents

Common Criteria - International security criteria for IT-products

Trusted Service Management (TSM) Services by companies

Giesecke & Devrient


Oberthur Technologies



Institute for security systems

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Institute for security systems (ISS)
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