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X-ray tomography is an ideal method to non-destructively analyze materials, components or electronic circuits. Similar to medical X-ray diagnostics, the use of X-ray tomography allows the production of high quality images taken of the interior of components in very high picture resolution.

The X-ray tomograph of the ISS is used to generate the required high-resolution 2D X-ray images. Based on these images detailed 3D models of components and their interior are reconstructed by using a high performance workstation. With the aid of X-ray tomography it is among other things possible to:

  • identify production faults, such as defective solder joints, broken (bond) wires or material defects,
  • measure defects in castings with high accuracy and to represent complex spatial forms,
  • analyze the structure and quality of systems and components,
  • check authentication of products and components based on the smallest physical characteristics.
transponder of CES group
X-ray image of the transponder


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